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Imaad Rizvi

Focused on results, Imaad Rizvi is an independent performance coach who is known to challenge the status quo thus pin-pointing and enabling people to make the tiniest of shifts that lead to greater impact while helping them get to the place where they consistently perform at their highest level.

Imaad draws on 13 years as an aspiring athlete, 16 years of corporate experience and 11 years of coaching. His natural ability to connect with people grows the trust and insight needed to face new challenges with a calm confidence. Throughout his career, Imaad has coached teams, groups and individuals to ensure they perform at their peak enabling them to be effective and fulfilled in their role and life. Furthermore, he has worked closely with key stakeholders at leading organizations to develop and execute plans aligned with their strategic priorities in an effort to build stronger employee engagement – a key strategy which enables a company to perform at higher levels of performance.


As part of his commitment to continuous learning, he obtained his diploma in Organizational Development & Strategic Human Resource Management from Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) in 2018, and most recently achieved a certificate in Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University under the guidance of Prof. Ronald Heifetz.


What people DON’T know about Imaad… is that he failed several times in pursuit of a professional career in sports; football, basketball and motor-racing. It was in 2010 that he discovered these failures were the building blocks to a successful career as a coach.


Imaad currently lives with his family in Islamabad and operates nationally and internationally.

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