Imaad Rizvi

Focused on results, Imaad is a performance coach who helps individuals and teams discover their latent potential towards achieving personal/professional growth and organizational change. His natural ability to connect with people grows the trust and insight needed to face new challenges with confidence. After 16 successful years of employment in the private, development and social sectors in Pakistan and Canada, Imaad has a valuable understanding of how people and organizations work enabling him to untap potential that has yet to be discovered.


He has a particular specialization in helping people grow in confidence, manage change and build stronger, more productive relationships. His overriding principle is that the more individuals discover themselves, the better they perform in life.


Throughout his career, Imaad has voluntarily coached his peers within and outside of his workplace to ensure they perform at their peak enabling them to be effective and fulfilled in their role and life. Furthermore, he has worked closely with key stakeholders at leading organizations to develop and execute plans aligned with their strategic priorities in an effort to build stronger employee engagement – a key strategy which enables a company to perform at higher levels of performance.


Imaad has experience of working with professional services, financial services, banking, telecoms, construction, and the charitable sector.

Aside from coaching individuals and groups, Imaad loves to run learning programs for students, young professionals and executive leadership enabling them to enhance performance. He specializes in aspects of interpersonal communication, leadership/followership, teamwork and gender & diversity management.


A professional motor racing enthusiast, Imaad has taken part in international car racing events in the UK, Bahrain and Canada. He holds a professional car racing license from one of the top racing schools in the world, Silverstone Motorsport Academy, UK.

Beginning with his schooling in England, Imaad obtained an Advanced Diploma in Business and IT (BBIT) from Beaconhouse Informatics, Islamabad, back in 2004.

Imaad has an extensive reading habit. In addition to studying the inspiring works of Stephen R Covey, Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Mark McCormick and other leading success gurus, he enjoys networking with people who have accomplished much in life and explores biographies of sporting and business personalities from around the world. Personalities include Ayrton Senna, Michael Jordan, Lewis Hamilton, Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis, John Adair, Jack Welch, etc.

Imaad is married to an amazing woman, has two incredible young sons and thrives in Islamabad and Toronto.